What do I do when a document won't save?



When I try to save a document, the boxes come up, but when I click "Save"
nothing happens.


You may have a character in the filename that isn't allowed. Try using a
simple one word file name and see if that works.


Nobody can help you if you don't provide a complete & accurate description
of the problem. You haven't even indicated what version of Word or Windows
you're using, & that can make a big difference. What does happen when you
try to save? How are you issuing the Save command?

Without accurate detail someone would have to take a "shotgun" approach that
wouldn't be a bit helpful to you & turns everything into a long-winded
guessing game.

.... And please don't post the same question more than once - especially not
using different identities.

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac


I am so frustrated with trying to figure this thing out for over a week now
(I've had other issues like with IE7 trying to uninstall and how that screwed
me all up and Microsoft couldn't help, Yahoo couldn't help, our IT guy
couldnt' help... i"m just really frustrated but you're right - it doesn't
help to not know so.....)

I am running Windows XP, Word 2002. When I click on Save as.... nothing
happens - literally - nothing. When I click on Save... nothing happens.
When I click on the disk - nothing - no window - no options - no little bar
at the bottom of the page so you can see the progress of it saving - nothing.
When I hit the X to close out of Word, it will ask me if I want to save my
document - I click yes - nothing again. There was one time where I walked
away from my desk and came back and it said that the Auto-recovery wasn't
able to save. When I try to find the document - it's not there after
getting out of it. I've downloaded IE7 which I HATE but I'm not able to go
back and change it now.. I had the same problem with Word before but my
browser wouldn't work (earlier this week). Now my browser works but Word
won't save. Excel saves, Power Point saves, Publisher saves - no other
problems that I can see except for this one. Now our IT guy is in India and
can't help me there so now I'm typing stuff and having to lose it because I
can't save it.

Is there any other info you need?? I'm not sure what all would help you
diagnose it...

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