WaveOut Not Supported - any magic solution?



I am getting the apparently common error of:
MMJB Sound Card Problm
WaveOut Not support

My system sounds usually work but I can not play any music files.

I have installed latest drivers and reinstalled about everything,
including the "Audio Codecs" and "IMA ADPCM: Audio CODEC" as

When I look at my Sounds and Audio Devices properties under control
settings, there is no device under volume. But, when I go to
Hardware, my Creative SB Audigy 2 is enabled and functioning

Can anyone help? I am going crazy.



Your MMJB is not a soundcard, it is MusicMatch JukeBox. You probably
have a Dell PC and your soundcard is by Creative SoundBlaster Live.
Try using Windows Media Player and see if you still have the problem.
How to Make WMP10 Your Default Playerhttp://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=271949
Today is the first day of the
rest of your life.

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Thanks, impressive, I do have a dell. I finally fixed it. For
reference for those who run into this. I couldn't play music on any
piece of software. I could get system sounds, but nothing else. Here
is what finally did it..
From another posting.....
1: Go to control panel
2: Add hardware
3: At "Welcome" screen, press next
4: Select "Yes, I have already connected this hardware". Press next
5: Scroll down, and select "Add a new hardware device"
6: Select "Install the hardware I select from a list"
7: Select "Sound, video and game controllers"
8: Select "(standard system devices)" in pane 1, and "Audio Codecs" in
pane 2
9: Press "Have Disk"
10: Enter "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32" in the drop down box and press "OK"
11: Select "Microsoft Audio Compression Manager" and press "Next" ,
then "Next" again.
12: At the security screen, press "Continue anyway"

It will install, and require a reboot

If it still does not work, then follow the same procedure, but at
point 11 choose
Audio CODEC" and on the next run select "Microsoft ADPCM Audio CODEC"


For me I also had a windows error so I had to download a fix from
Microsoft, afticle 927891...
"You receive an access violation when you try to install an update
from Windows Update after you apply hotfix package 916089"

Of course all of this is after I installed the latest drivers for my
sound card.

Good luck!

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