Wanted: "Distribution" Printer Driver


Mike Dasberg


I'm looking for a way to quickly distribute my printjobs to several
printers, without selecting them individually. I regularly need to
print out my documents on a color laser printer, as well as a copy on
a black/white printer, or I print a copy on the bw-printer and send
the document away, using the faxprinter.

Today I have to select those printers by hand and start individual
printjobs on them. Is there some solutions, where I could start just
one printjob on a virtual printer (e.g. Color and bw Printer, 1 Copy
each) and this virtual printer distributes the printjobs to the
appropriate printers?

I'm using Windows 2000 and XP (2000 could be replaced by some newer

Looking for your answers.


Mike Dasberg

Hello Dieter,
that is exactly what PrintMulti was designed for.
It is free for all client OS.

thank you for your answer, your PrintMulti looks promising. I'm a
little busy right now, so please forgive my laziness: what is the
difference between the client and server version?

We run a Windows 2000 Server, could PrintMuli be installed on this
type of Windows Server? Will it run on our Windows 2000 Clients?

Again - thank you very much for your answer in advance.


Dieter Riekert

Hi Mike,

there is no difference between the client and server versions. Just a
question of licensing. It runs on 2000 Servers (a license text is
printed - but can be installed and tested) and 2000 clients (free).


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