print server wanted: USB + Parallel



I'm looking for a new print server device to handle the printers at home.
We currently have our laser printer attached to the network
via a Netgear PS101 small parallel to RJ45 adapter.
The color inkjet is USB and connected to an old desktop on the network
that I would like to make go away....

SO - I'd like to get both USB + Parallel in a single unit

Martha Adams

Brian said:
I've been using one of these for a few years now, works


You may not need to meet your 'USB + Parallel' spec. I
have used USB into a converter cable that converted to
parallel, and it worked ok. I don't recall the price of
the converter cable, but I saw that it was worth while
to shop around. With that cable in hand you can use the
simpler spec, 'USB,' which makes for easier shopping and
perhaps lower price.

Titeotwawki -- mha [comp.periphs.printers 2008 Oct 18]

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