Which Color Laser Printer ?




I am looking for a Good Color Laser Printer to print company brochures. I
never owned a color laser printer. Is print quality of color lasers good
enough for brochures? The Xerox 6130 and the Brother 4070 seem popular.
Which is better? What about HPs?



Tony said:
Just about all colour lasers print more than well enough for brochures. In fact
some of the newer ones are very nearly photo qualiity.
I suggest you look at OKI, HP and the ones you mentioned. All are good
manufacturers of colour lasers, the only things I would caution you about are
to steer clear of carousel models which can be very slow and clunky, and look
at the cost per page which varies according to the cost and page yield of the
Consumables include toner cartridges, drum units, imaging belts and fusers (and
sometimes feed rollers) - not all printers have all of these components.
MS MVP Printing Image

Just adding one point, check if, what ever you buy, comes with full
cartridges and not just shipping cartridges, which are only half size.

Most HP come with full cartridges. These here are worth $550 for a set
of HP cartridges to suit the 1600/2600 series. The 1600 only has
shipping cartridges and is cheaper than the 2600 in the initial
purchase, but the extra toner far outweighs the extra $100 in price.



I just got a Xerox Phaser 6180 which arrived this morning. It is perfect
and I'm very impressed with the color quality... and the speed, though I do
have to admit, it's a bit noisy, but it's in a room with an even noisier
printer (Canon ImageProGraff 6100) so I'm not really bothered. I'd
definitely recommend it and it's my first color laser.


I guess it depends on volume, but for limited use I've been very happy with
a new Dell 1320 off eBay for about 100 notes. Printing sections of OS maps
and colour graphs for scientific reports in my case, although it doesn't do
a bad job at all on photos. Took me a while to connect it over the network
(being used to HPs) but it's fine now.

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