Compact duplex color laser printer/scanner?



I notice that color laser printers are finally getting smaller and
cheaper. I've even seen ones with a scanner. I haven't seen any that
also can duplex.

Does anyone make a Compact duplex color laser printer/scanner?

I don't care about print speed or a sheet feeder, cost and small size
are more important.

Arthur Entlich

Something to be aware of is that, like inkjet printers, color lasers are
using the same basic business model, small and cheap models have very
small toner cartridges which are quite costly to replace and give low
yields. Often buying a mid-priced product will prove to provide much
better value and be both more economical to run and better
environmentally because you will find them more durable and built for
longer life.

Also, the cheaper the printer, often the less full the starter
cartridges. Always check out the cost of replacement cartridges and/or
the ability to refill before assuming you have good value based upon
acquisition price alone.


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