How to remanufacture 1600/2600n color laser printer toner?

Jan 25, 2008
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This is one of the first color laser printer toner where HP/Canon really seems to have gone out of its way to make a toner cartridge very difficult to remanufacture. The waste chamber, which consists of the waste chamber, OPC drum, PCR, wiper and recovery blades, is plastic welded/glued together. The drum axle/bushings are permanently attached to the waste chamber. The only way to get them off is to physically break or cut the cartridge apart. New replacement waste chambers are now available that include the waste chamber,new removable drum axles/bushings, foam seals, electrical contacts and PCR holders. The kit will also contain the screws, springs and plastic pins that will be needed to reassemble the cartridge. If you want to reuse any of the above parts, you will have to cut the OEM chamber apart. The waste chamber for 2600n color laser printer toner is also very small. The aftermarket toner will have to be very efficient to prevent leakage due to the waste overflowing.

When you refill 2600n hp color laserjet toner, you should notice following factors to guarantee the quality:

1) Mitsubishi toner is one of the best choice to remanufacture hp 2600n hp color laserjet toner, physical toner powder is more suitable for refilling color laser printer toner cartridge.

2) High quality toner cartridge smartchip can guarantee the page yield of the color laserjet toner.

3) New Hanp opc drum is value to consider, because the opc drum is easily worn out.

For more informations about color laser printer toner and toner powder, chips for remanufacturing, please refer the web

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