Only Color Laser Expensive Consumables other then Toner?



Surprised to find that on my Color Laser MFP it had an OPC Belt that
is considered a consumable. These are expensive parts to replace.
Infact it is cheaper to buy a new printer then replace this consumable
and a set of toner.

Do Black and White MFP's have such things as well now a days? Years
ago the only consumable on laserjets was toner. Is this a function of
the color printers that require these expensive parts that need


Arthur Entlich

Not all color laser printers use OPC belts, although many do.

This design allows for all 4 color toners to be laid down on the belt
first and then get transferred to the paper just before fusing. In
theory this is supposed to be quicker and also to allow for much more
accurate registration of the image colors.

Some models do use separate drums for each color and the paper path
sends the print through the toner stations several times until they all
end up on the paper and then fused.

The cost of the OPC transfer belt isn't really due to the cost of making
it, but that the color printer business model has lowered the
acquisition price of color laser printers has been driven down and so
the manufacturers need to make their profit on the consumables,
including toner sets, papers, and yes, OPC belts. Sadly, this
encourages people, like yourself, to consider buying a new one rather
than buying consumables and parts.

The printer companies have to make the profit somewhere...


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