wanna best possible solution of your Windows troubleshootings



dear; i am master in WGA(Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage) Validation
Tool /program and Genuine Microsoft Software, MPA(Microsoft Product
Activation), WPA(Windows Product Activation) and Genuine Validation of
Microsoft Softwares, Office Genuine Advantage, if you have any issue problem
confusion about anything just concern about it please feel free to e-mail me
at my address (e-mail address removed)
i wanna your help and supports with my issue , i am 23 years of age guy with
complete computer skills specially MS Windows , i have informed microsoft
about how i can work with and for windows operating system but they are not
ready to response me . dear you know every company has its secrts and
confidential information that the company is based on, if this information is
leaked every thing gone wrong, I know that very well and you also know very
every company has its secrets and hidden things and unfortunately I have
known of all Microsoft® corporation based secrets of MS Wndows®. Dear windows
is based on it’s genuinely and originality,
I know how a copy of windows can be genuine validate, I have known the
complete commands and core procedure of how to do it. I know the complete
code of activating and Genuine validating of MS Windows® in any computer
system, these are the technological measures that make fulfill a copy of
windows® to be original and genuine validated, I also know there latest
changes of this technological measures,



John Barnett MVP

We've heard it all before!

John Barnett MVP
Associate Expert
Windows Desktop Experience

Web: http://xphelpandsupport.mvps.org
Web: http://vistasupport.mvps.org

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