If you need and want something real, actual and genuine so let hav



If you need and want something real, actual and genuine so let have discuss
with me in every thing and topic. I have thousand solution of your every day
troubles and problems,

Adrian has joined this session!

11:29:50 AM System

Connected with Adrian

11:29:54 AM Adrian

Welcome to Microsoft Customer Service Chat.

11:30:06 AM ds

how are you

11:30:30 AM Adrian

I am fine. Thank you.

11:31:19 AM Adrian

Are you receiving my messages?

11:31:49 AM ds

i want to sell 100% guranteed Genuine Validate Windows Vista Ultimate
Products Keys please,tell me how i can do that

11:32:26 AM ds

do you perchase from me in cheapest price

11:32:34 AM ds


11:32:40 AM Adrian

It is illegal to do that. May I know how did you get Genuine Product Keys of

11:33:14 AM ds

do you have any concern about that? yes sure

11:34:22 AM Adrian

It is against Microsoft policies and you will be in trouble.

11:34:47 AM Adrian

Are you located in Lahore or Karachi, Pakistan?

11:34:52 AM ds

you will trouble me i don't beleieve that, what you will do when i told you?

11:35:03 AM ds

its impossible for you

11:36:00 AM ds

but i can do trouble microsoft

11:36:18 AM ds

i am in lahore

11:36:39 AM Adrian

Microsoft can track you from your IP address. I suggest that you stop this.

11:36:53 AM ds

ya sure i want that typeof

11:37:39 AM ds

no dear i can't ,did you track me?

11:38:46 AM ds

i want to sell my product in international Market

11:39:24 AM Adrian


11:39:29 AM ds

because in pakistan no body purchase Microsoft Products like Windows Vista

11:40:16 AM Adrian

I guess you are the only educated person in Pakistan.

11:40:35 AM ds

ya i am ,do you help me doing that ?

11:40:52 AM ds

you can ask me any question

11:41:13 AM Adrian

I am sorry, that is illegal and we do not entertain such queries.

11:41:50 AM ds

but its has no danger all procedure is leagle

11:42:13 AM ds


11:42:17 AM Adrian

You know it is illegal!

11:42:40 AM ds

no body can prove that i know

11:43:37 AM Adrian

Are you really sure that you can make the non-genuine copies genuine?

11:43:57 AM ds

100% sure i will do that ,you know Microsoft know about me? because my
procedure is legal

11:44:23 AM Adrian


11:44:32 AM ds

anytime you ask me that?

11:45:04 AM ds

i can guarnteed you

11:45:55 AM ds

i have done Genuine Windows validation at least 20 Computers

11:46:15 AM ds

that are running illigle copies of Windows

11:46:30 AM Adrian

Okay. You have not provided your contact address!

11:47:09 AM ds

that the point

11:47:50 AM ds

there is some troubles for me there to do this

11:48:32 AM Adrian

You are smart! Can I get your personal e-mail address?

11:48:40 AM ds

ya sure

11:48:47 AM ds

please wait!

11:49:23 AM ds

(e-mail address removed), (e-mail address removed) Microsoft LockOut My E-Mail Address

11:49:56 AM ds

(e-mail address removed) i used instead

11:50:37 AM Adrian

Okay. Thank you.

11:50:46 AM Adrian

Do you have any other concerns?

11:50:56 AM ds

my age is 23 i want to to everyting in my life

11:51:29 AM ds

i want to do everything in my life , do you email me?

11:51:43 AM Adrian


11:51:47 AM ds


11:52:00 AM Adrian

Microsoft will contact you soon. Is there anything else that I can assist
you with today?

11:52:07 AM ds

i will wait you see you soon

11:52:24 AM ds

note microsoft serveral time contact me

11:52:53 AM ds

microsoft has serveral time e mail me but they can't do anything

11:53:09 AM Adrian

Okay, fine.

11:53:09 AM Adrian

Thank you for using Microsoft Customer Service Chat. Please feel free to
come back again. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

11:53:14 AM System

Adrian has left this session!

11:53:14 AM System

The session has ended!


Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 01:45:09 -0700
From: (e-mail address removed)
Subject: Ready for read it: Ver 2.1
To: (e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed);
(e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed);
(e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed);
(e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed)

i am you daddy , lets see your dog Neil interesting talkings with me i can
do anything, thats i believe and MS Windows is no problem for me, if you want
to stop me just do the right and give me what i did deserve no 9 or / Job,
USD$ money cash
Initial Question/Comment: MPA
5:31:43 PM System
Neil has joined this session!
5:31:44 PM System
Connected with Neil
5:31:53 PM Neil
Welcome to Microsoft Customer Service Chat, Gaddar.
5:31:59 PM Neil
How may I help you?
5:32:00 PM gaddar
thank you
5:32:02 PM gaddar
5:32:13 PM gaddar
dear how are you?
5:32:26 PM Neil
Fine, thank you!
5:32:57 PM gaddar
i wanna tell you about something no body tell can you about
5:33:20 PM Neil
Sure, please ago ahead.
5:33:40 PM gaddar
dear i am a MS Windows Product Avtivation and Validation Expert
5:34:34 PM gaddar
5:34:37 PM Neil
5:34:45 PM Neil
5:34:55 PM gaddar
do you believe this?
5:36:19 PM gaddar
i can do Genuine validate any copy of MS WIndows Anytime, because i have
research all that procedure and process by myself
5:36:20 PM Neil
I am sorry, I do not know about your personal information and career.
5:36:30 PM Neil
5:36:50 PM gaddar
ya,i know , but i am telling you
5:37:10 PM Neil
5:37:35 PM gaddar
do you know how Genuine validate a copy of windows with purchasing it?
5:38:05 PM gaddar
with spending a rupee?
5:38:20 PM gaddar
with out a rupee
5:38:43 PM Neil
If you purchase retail copy of Windows from a retail shop or Microsoft then
it is always a genuine one.
5:39:40 PM Neil
I would like to inform that without spending a rupee, you cannot purchase
the full version of Windows or any other Microsoft products.
5:39:48 PM gaddar
dear you are right, but i telling you with out purchasing it,do you want to
know how i make it possible
5:40:14 PM gaddar
dear i did
5:40:22 PM Neil
5:41:11 PM gaddar
i have the exect procedure and technology Microsoft used in developing MS
Windows to be Genuine Validate
5:41:28 PM Neil
5:41:55 PM gaddar
and Activate i have learnd that technology do you believe that?
5:42:34 PM Neil
I do not know about that so I cannot assure you that I believe.
5:43:04 PM gaddar
i am now able to genuine validate any computer Windows including
perValidation which don't need the product key to enter
5:43:36 PM Neil
5:44:24 PM gaddar
dear i have informed Microsoft about this and they actually believe me but
htey are worried about it and they have lockout my email address
5:45:33 PM gaddar
and firstly tthey apperciate me but then suddenly they are angry with me
5:45:51 PM Neil
Yes, I understand that.
5:46:37 PM gaddar
i don't know why but they are not ready to do any thing for me like giveing
me money cash $ or job at microsoft
5:46:52 PM Neil
5:47:26 PM gaddar
dear i am here to invite you that i wann to be your friend
5:48:02 PM Neil
Sure, with pleasure :)
5:48:20 PM gaddar
ya thats the spirit so we can sell microsoft Products in sole partnership
5:48:52 PM gaddar
your e-mail adress?
5:48:53 PM Neil
No, I cannot do that. I am a Customer Service Representative working for
5:49:19 PM gaddar
you are not the one working for Microsoft
5:49:19 PM Neil
I cannot let customers to use pirated copy of Windows.
5:49:43 PM Neil
I cannot provide you my personal information.
5:49:49 PM gaddar
i am also working for Microsoft
5:50:04 PM Neil
May I know your issues with Microsoft Products?
5:50:36 PM gaddar
ya i have completed my studies of Microsoft products
5:50:48 PM Neil
Please note that this chat service is to provide assistance to the customers
for the issues related to Microsoft Products.
5:51:05 PM gaddar
the above metions information is true
5:51:16 PM Neil
If you do not have any issues with Microsoft Products, I will go ahead and
end this chat session.
5:51:19 PM gaddar
ya i know that
5:51:29 PM Neil
5:51:29 PM gaddar
no please
5:51:37 PM gaddar
don't go away
5:51:57 PM gaddar
yes terday i ahve talked to mr peter
5:52:43 PM gaddar
dear microsoft is a bigger firm i wanna job at microsoft because i deserve
5:52:43 PM Neil
Can you please mention your issue with Microsoft Products?
5:52:55 PM gaddar
ya i do
5:53:22 PM gaddar
And confidential information that the company is based on, if this
information is leaked every thing gone wrong, I know that very well and you
also know very well.
every company has its secrets and hidden things and unfortunately I have
known of all Microsoft® corporation based secrets of MS Wndows®. Dear windows
is based on it’s genuinely and originality,
I know how a copy of windows can be genuine validate, I have known the
complete commands and core procedure of how to do it. I know the complete
code of activating and Genuine validating of MS Windows® in any computer
system, these are the technological measures that make fulfill a copy of
windows® to be original and genuine validated, I also know there latest
changes of this technological measures,

5:53:51 PM Neil
if you would like to join Microsoft, you may submit your information at the
following web-link:
5:54:06 PM Neil
Is there anything else I can help you with today, Gaddar?
5:54:20 PM gaddar
you read that ,i have tried that
5:54:28 PM gaddar
i am from pakistan
5:54:32 PM Neil
5:54:37 PM gaddar
i speak hindi
5:54:58 PM gaddar
i can help you earn a block of money
5:55:05 PM gaddar
and for my selfm also
5:55:23 PM Neil
Then you may contact our Microsoft local subsidiary at 111116738.
5:55:34 PM Neil
I really appreciate your Interest.
5:55:48 PM gaddar
no i wanna contact that i wanna contact you dear
5:56:10 PM gaddar
thanks for app.
5:56:12 PM Neil
You may contact our Microsoft Pakistan subsidiary to know about the
available opportunities.
5:56:24 PM Neil
Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service Chat. Please feel free
to contact us again. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
5:56:27 PM System
Neil has left this session!
5:56:27 PM System
The session has ended!

Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 20:15:13 -0800
From: (e-mail address removed)
Subject: Ready for read it:
To: (e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed);
(e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed);
(e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed);
(e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed); (e-mail address removed)

my name is john lets have your dog talk with me,
Initial Question/Comment: windows xp activation and validation
8:48:06 AM System
Peter has joined this session!
8:48:06 AM System
Connected with Peter
8:48:11 AM Peter
Welcome to Microsoft Customer Service Chat, John.
8:48:11 AM Peter
How may I help you?
8:48:14 AM john
8:48:26 AM john
are you there?
8:48:29 AM Peter
Hello John!
8:48:37 AM john
8:48:46 AM john
do you know me?
8:48:51 AM Peter
Yes, please go ahead with your issue.
8:49:06 AM Peter
8:49:11 AM john
do you believe me?
8:49:46 AM Peter
John, can you please specify the issue that you are experiencing now?
8:50:08 AM john
ya i shall do
8:50:32 AM Peter
Please go ahead.
8:51:10 AM john
ok please wait a minute
8:51:54 AM Peter
8:53:46 AM Peter
I have not received a response from you in some time. Are you online with me?
8:54:02 AM john
i wanna validate MS windows xp tell me how i can?
8:55:07 AM Peter
You can validate your copy of Windows XP from the following web link:
8:55:07 AM Peter
8:55:47 AM Peter
Click on the "Validate Windows" button available on right side of the web
8:55:48 AM john
i have yet not purchased a genuine copy of windows or i have not a COA
8:56:22 AM Peter
Are you receiving any message related to validation?
8:57:02 AM john
ya i have recieved, how i can do that with out spending $300 USD do you know
that how??
8:57:39 AM Peter
May I know how you had obtained your copy of Windows XP?
8:58:15 AM john
ya i have spend 20 rupees to buy a copy of Windows xp CDi can do it free of
cost do you believe me?
8:58:41 AM Peter
Are you there?
8:58:48 AM john
8:58:57 AM john
i am not there?
8:59:40 AM Peter
John, you need to purchase WGA Kit to make your copy of Windows XP Genuine.
9:00:23 AM john
no dear i don't need that kit i can do validate windows without spending a
9:00:36 AM Peter
I recommend that you contact our WGA Order desk team to purchase the WGA Kit.
9:01:10 AM Peter
You will not be able to validate your copy of Windows through Microsoft web
site until your copy of Windows is genuine.
9:01:19 AM john
i can do genuine validate any copy of windows in any copmuter
9:01:51 AM Peter
Then may I know the exact issue that you are experiencing now?
9:01:53 AM john
no dear i can do it all legle and original procedure
9:02:16 AM Peter
May I know the exact issue that you are experiencing now?
9:02:36 AM john
that a microsoft custmor services representivtve like you did
9:02:48 AM john
ya the issue is
9:03:52 AM john
i wanna sale microsoft windows copies and i wanna to shere my profit 50%
with you
9:05:03 AM john
dear i can genuine validate pass to any illigle copy of windows without
purchasing it because in have learnd the techonology used in the validation
9:05:28 AM john
by my self
9:05:38 AM Peter
John, I recommend that you contact our Corporate head quarters for further
assistance regarding this concern.
9:06:03 AM Peter
You may contact them at: (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676).
9:06:05 AM john
and i have successfully validate more then 100 copy in my city and with my
9:06:10 AM Peter
They will help you further in this regard.
9:06:22 AM Peter
Is there anything else I can help you with today, John?
9:06:27 AM john
nion dear i wanna that you can help me
9:06:43 AM john
because i waznt your help not that
9:07:01 AM john
you can help me about everything
9:07:10 AM john
do you understand the issue?
9:08:10 AM john
you know a copy of windows isn cost 300 USD and how we earn that you know
after selling copy of windows
9:08:19 AM Peter
John, We are Customer Service Representatives. We can provide only the
support options available for you.
9:08:46 AM john
no you are a human first then you are a cus ser reps
9:08:47 AM Peter
Please contact our Corporate head quarters for further assistance regarding
this concern.
9:09:02 AM john
i don't need that
9:09:35 AM Peter
I am sorry John. We do not have the required resources to assist you further
in this regard.
9:09:37 AM john
dear understand the issue all is private and confidetial
9:09:45 AM john
nobody knows about it
9:10:08 AM Peter
You need to contact our Corporate Head Quarters.
9:10:11 AM john
you have i know , you dont want to earn money
9:10:21 AM john
lot of money
9:10:31 AM john
daer i know we can do that
9:10:44 AM john
lets have a hand shake
9:10:45 AM Peter
We are paid for the service that we are performing.
9:11:02 AM john
no its not you real worth
9:11:27 AM john
you are worth too much of that in my desir
9:11:27 AM Peter
John, do you have any other concerns to be answered?
9:11:46 AM Peter
Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service Chat. Please feel free
to contact us again. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
9:11:48 AM System
Peter has left this session!
9:11:49 AM System
The session has ended!



Bill Yanaire

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