w2k3 vpn RAS speed issues



Hey i am having a minor problem, i need to setup a vpn dial in server on my
windows 2003 server.
I have it all working, but it looks like it is only allocating 28k to the
vpn dial in adapter.
I have my server behind a firewall, and am only using one NIC, my firewall
is redirecting to that server.

the vpn itself is working 100%, it's just really slow at only 28k bandwidth.

i have 1.5mb upstream and 5mb downstream on my internet connection, so i
have lots of bandwidth avaliable, i just can't find anywhere where i can
change the ammount.
i would like to setup 100k / connection to my vpn as that still leaves me
500k for anything else. (i have 10 ports allocated for the vpn)

the only place i can even find info about the vpn dial in adaptor, is when i
look at the task manager network bandwidth after someone has connected.






sorry for the late reply, i've been very busy working on other things.

anyways taskmanager shows 28.8k, it's also the only place i see any speed
settings for the vpn.




I have the same problem, if you happen to come to any kind of solution
to spped up that ras connection, please let me know (e-mail address removed)

thanks in advance.

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