VPN much slower w/ wireless modem than DSL


Georgia Sam

Our VPN connections from home to our company's network are much slower when
we connect through Verizon's WWAN than it is when we use a DSL connection.
Of coarse DSL has a broader bandwidth than using a wireless modem (Kyocera
KPC650) with Verizon's wireless network. But the VPN over wireless is much
slower proportionally than it should be. (DSL's bandwidth = 1500 kbps,
Verizon's wireless = 500, but a VPN connection using wireless seems about 10
times slower than VPN over DSL). Is there something I can do to speed it
up? Verizon's 3rd level tech support didn't have any solutions. Could I
reconfig security on the dial-up connection &/or on the VPN connection
(client &/or server)? Would a terminal session (RDC) to the server somehow
be quicker? Any ideas?

Client is Win 2000 Pro
Server is SBS 2003




Kevin Weilbacher

Remember that Verizon's throughput is not guaranteed .. often with Verizon's
WWAN I'm more in the 200-300 range.



Bill Grant

You could try remote desktop or terminal services over the VPN
connection. It might be faster. It really depends on what traffic is
actually crossing the link. With TS only the KVM data uses the link.

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