W2K SP4 (PT) update using GPO fails


Clemente Aguiar

Trying to install SP4 in Potuguese through GPO to the workstations fails.
The process takes relativelly little time and reports as concluded (in the
event viewer).
The events mentions that "Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (1033)" has concluded
successfulfy, however nothing really gets installed.
1033 is the English version (the Portuguese version is 2070). I think the
problem may be with the update.msi (for the Portuguese SP4).

We have used the same instaltion method for the (Portuguese) SP3

Has anybody had a similar problem with SP4?

Thanks in advance,
Clemente Aguiar

Renato Massone

Yes, deployment of W2KSP4 via GPO fails here too.

I suppose MS may release an updated SP4 or the update.msi file.

I chatted with Microsoft Technet Online Concierge and it seems the only way
to make MS aware of this issue is "to use a support case to report the bug.
This means you would speak with a support professional immediately and work
to determine whether it was actually a legitimate bug. If it is, any charge
that you pay will be refunded."

You can also report a bug via mail.

Today I will call MS (in Italy) to open a support case.


Renato Massone

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