W2k Active directory and windows nt 4 workstations not logging in anymore???


Mika Jussilainen

Very strange thing happened after one of my customers domain controller
rebooted unexcpectedly two times last week. Now all windows nt 4 workstation
within same site are unable to log on to domain. They receive error that
states that domain is unavailable. Two other sites that contain nt 4
workstations are working ok.

Site that has problem has two DCs. One that has problems is first domain
controller in this domain and it has following roles/functions: dns, wins,
schema master, domain naming master,global catalog. Second domain controller
has following roles/functions: PDC emulator, RID master, Infra master, dns,

All workstation in this site are receiving ip settings from linux dhcp: dc1
as primary dns and wins, dc2 as secondary dns and wins. Servers are
configured like workstations but they are not using own dns as primary.

If i stop netlogon service from dc1 all nt4 workstations can log to
domain!!?? After that i can start netlogon and all logged in workstation
work ok. Think that this must be wins problem? But removed wins and resetted
its database on dc1 but no luck. Even started in directory services
restoration mode and ran repair to active directory. Stopping wins and/or
dns on dc1 or disconnecting it from network doesn't work.

NT workstation must get logon from PDC emulator so problem must be that dc1
cant tell to nt workstations where pdc emulator is or something like that...

Detailed info:
Servers : Windows 2000 english SP4 + all windows updates
Workstations : Windows NT4 Workstation SP6a English (no ad client installed)

Please help! I have no idea how to solve this problem...




Mika can you install the Windows Server Support tools (Found at your Windows
Server CD) at one of your Domain Controllers. Run the command line based
tool dcdiag and post back the result. Perhaps it will dump some information
about why you have problem.

Mika Jussilainen

Found where problems was but only make this more confusing??? One windows
2000 workstation was causing all this trouble. After switching off that
workstation everything worker like charm but when on, no windows nt 4
machines could log on to domain!!!??? Workstation that caused trouble has
allways been there but recently and about the same time when problems
started brightstor 11 and roxio easy dvd creator softwares were installed.
Other software on machine: dameware, pc-duo, office... I cant undestand how
one computer can mess all up. All i can think is that somehow that computer
becomes masterbrowser for domain, having higher priority than w2k servers
and xp machines??? That masterbrowser thing is only thing i can think of
what single computer can do to "name resolution"...Or am i completely wrong?


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