Active Directory root server problem



We have an active directory structure it includes a root domain plus child
domains, we have split the root domain roles to two domain contollers,
Ifrasturcture master, pdc emulator and rid master to on domain controller and
,domain naming master and schema master to another domain contoller, one day
unfortunately the harddrive of domain controller with roles of
infrastructure master, pdc emulator and rid master fails, and then we
transfer the three roles of domain to another domain controller, all the
roles were transferred successfully but, when we run the tests such as
netdiag and dcdiag, they report that domain is not functioning proper, also
pcs are unable to join the root domain, please help us to solve this problem.

Meinolf Weber

Hello AHSIN,

What kind of failure do you mean? Also you said you transfered the roles
which menas the DC was brought online again, or did you seize the FSMO roles
to the existing one?

What exact error message do you get?

Did you rund dcdiag /v, netdiag /v and repadmin /showrepl from the installation
disk support\tools\suptools.msi Please post the complete output if you have
errors displayed.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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