AD Disaster Scenario




We are attempting to perform a test domain restore from
backup and are
having issues. Here is our layout and what we have tried:

2 domains - 1 root and 1 child domain.

all FSMO roles are on only one DC in each domain.

Last week, we tried to restore just the root domain and
the server
would never finish booting past "checking network
connections". We
assumed this was because the FSMO roles were distributed
amongst the
DCs. So, we moved the roles to one server in each domain.
performed an authoritative restore and then we got past
this point.
Once the server booted, we logged in, but could not create
any objects
(user accounts, computer accounts, etc) in the domain. We
get the

"Windows Cannot Create the Object Because the Directory
Service Was
Unable to Allocate a Relative Identifier". There is a
TechNet article
on this problem, but it doesn't help much, because we are
emulating if
all domain controllers are destoyed and we need to restore
from backup
only. This article mentions pulling an existing DC offline
replicate. Also, just fyi, this root DC is the RID Master,
Emulator, DN Master, Schema Master, and Infrastructure
Master. This
server is also a GC server.

We have ran DCDIAG and it fails on analyzing the
RID.....says it is
trying to repl with one of the other root DCs.

Any ideas would be appreciated.......thanks.


Did you read the:

Error Message: "Windows Cannot Create the Object Because the Directory
Service Was Unable to Allocate a Relative Identifier":;en-us;822053

223346 FSMO Placement and Optimization on Windows 2000 Domains :;EN-US;223346

241594 HOW TO: Perform an Authoritative Restore to a Domain Controller :;EN-US;241594
316201 RID Pool Allocation and Sizing Changes in Windows 2000 SP4 :

234790 HOW TO: Find Servers That Hold Flexible Single Master Operations

283595 HOW TO: Change the Role Owner of the Operations Master After a
Seizure :;EN-US;283595


of course we did. None of them help. MS needs to have
an option to restore AD & Sysvol information without
restoring the entire registry. That would help with the
problem of needing similar hardware.


You should have a backup of the System Sate, How ever much information about
SYSVOL are stored in the registry. You can try to replace just the SYSVOL
registry information.


Doesn't the System State backup/restore - handle the
registry? This would mean that restoring the System
State, would restore the registry and all components
including SYSVOL information. Any other ideas?

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