Voting Button Response Recipient on Forwarded E-mail


Julie in KC

Tech Gurus:

I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 and was hoping to use voting buttons to track
responses from both original recipients and those who receive a forwarded
e-mail. I set up the voting buttons making sure to specify myself as the
recipient for voting button responses. I then sent it to team members to help
test to determine if the voting buttons would continue to send responses to
me, but they only went to the individual who forwarded.

Is there a way I can have the voting replies sent to me on forwarded as well
as the original e-mail, or is it "functioning as designed"?




Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

You're stuck with it working the way it does. Ask the users not to forward?
Tell them only people invited to vote can vote.


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Trainer and Consultant
Outlook 2003 user? Read "7 settings all Outlook 2003 users should change"
on my website.


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