Vista ultimate indexing not starting


Øyvind Granberg


I try to start up the indexing service, but it won't start.

I cannot start it in the Control Panel or in the Windows Explorer

The event list tells a story of a bad database file.
The following message is given: (My own translation)
Windows Search-service cannot set up the search index. System Index,
internal error <4, 0x8004117f, cannot add project

In an other event it says:
The Windows Search-service cannot open Jet-properties storage...
It too mention the 0x8004117f error...

It also says that sometimes it is necessary to delete the content index and
restore it.
But I cannot do that from the Control Panel applet. I get a message saying
that there is something worng with the database file....

Running Vista Ultimate Norwegian edition with all updates.
AVG against virus.
Malwarebytes and Windows Defender for the rest...

I have not tried to restore the system to an earlier point, because this
problem surfaced long before the oldest restore point in the list....

How can this be fixed?


Kind regards
Øyvind Granberg

(e-mail address removed)

Øyvind Granberg

Hi ...

After hours of fooling around I finally found the reason the indexing
service wouldn't start.
It was the Win Utilities Software of

First it stopped my indexing service. Then it prevented a few more services
to start, namely System Event Notification Service among others, leading to
a total loss of net access and much more. My sidebar didn't work either...

After a system restore and an uninstallation of mentioned software my
computer works flawlessly!
I'm back on the net, and my indexing service is munching hard disk again :)

I got the software from The Give Away of the Day.
I was fooling around with it, but I didn't cause all this problems on my
The two thing I did was to check the registry for errors, deleted the
suggested and marked errors, and then set the proposed settings for my
internet connection... That's it... Havoc....

Case Closed
(for now)

Kind regards
Øyvind Granberg

(e-mail address removed)

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