Vista SP1: USB port and usb readyboost flashdrive problem.



OS: Vista SP1

I wake up my computer from sleep and notification area showed a unknown USB
device driver installing but after that notification i receive another
balloon notification that the unknown usb device malfunction. that usb
flashdrive is my readyboost which is connected full time, work fine and vista
detect it fine. So I unplug the usb flashdrive and insert it on the same usb
port the usb is working fine again.

Richard G. Harper

From time to time this happens. It's a USB thing. Windows XP did (and
does) it also.


Same Here. I'd like to leave the stick in the back of the PC and forget it
but it needs to be re-inserted at every start up. I'm going to try a
Memory Stick ( seems fast enough ) and see if it also happens with that too.

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