Vista Network JPG Thumbnail issue



Have a problem with Windows Vista Home Premium and jpg file

The scenario is - I have two laptops, one running Service Pack 1, and
one running Service Pack 2.

When browsing folders on the network from the laptop with SP1, all
thumbnails are generated and displayed with no problems.

When browsing with the laptop running SP2, the thumbnails start
generating, then disappear, leaving just the default 'jpg' icon.

Have found various forum posts relating to this issue and unchecking
the archive flag of individual files then gives a thumbnail, but it
doesn't work when selecting multiple files, so is not feasible to
change each file.

Have also disabled, rebooted, enabled, rebooted the thumbnail view on
the problematic laptop.

Any ideas please?


B. D. Reagan

Why isn't it feasible to reset the archive attribute? From an admin cmd session, could run attrib -a *.whatever on all files in fell
swoops? Couldn't it also be a matter of resetting the folder option that says to not generate thumbnails on one computer (which
could be set on one but unset on another)? Or, a group policy or security setting that prohibits the data exchange of that across a
network, since it would be more or less universally viewable?

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