No PDF thumbnails...


William Dowell

Hello everyone. PDF thumbnail problem here...

Very confused..

I have a laptop running RTM with adobe reader 8 on thumbnails, just
the big Adobe reader red square!
Every other file format seems to work absulutly fine in Explorer on the
laptop, just not PDF's.
(I have a desktop running RC2 with adobe reader 8 on it. Thumbnails for PDF
files work fine.)

Now i know adobe have not provided the preview pane stuff in Outlook and
presumably not in Windows Vista either, but thumnials seem possible for i
have them on the desktop!

Any advise would be extreamly appreciated. I have searched the forums, and
teh web, and i apolgise in advance if this issue has already come up, but
have been unable to locate it.

Reinstalling windows really isnt my favourite option, so alternatives
prefered if at all possible!!




This doesn't make sense to me either, seems like I remember earlier in the
beta that I had no problems with this working. Then later in the betas and
now in RTM I no longer get PDF thumbmails. I did find way that seemed to
work. If you have the full version Adobe Acrobat 8.0 then thumbnails are
available. What's strange though is that magically one PDF on my desktop now
has a thumbnail all of a sudden. I haven't edited it, or opened it with
Acrobat 8 full, only Acrobat 8 Reader. However, if I go to my documents
folder which has several other PDF's, no thumbnails, even if I let it sit

To clarify, I do have thumbnails enabled in folder options, other thumbnails
work fine, it's just PDF's that don't seem to work.

Any body else know what the deal is?



My Magic 8-Ball returns a reply of
"Not likely"

Unless of course you begin to use a real newsreader or direct web portal of
the REAL Microsoft newsgroups instead of that horribly badly configured,
ridiculous, and stupid "egghead cafe" mirror which does nothing but make
everyone who uses it look like a moron.

Jone Doe

I have the same problem, can anybody help us? - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

Absolutely. You can start by including enough of the original post so we
will have idea of what problem you are "me too" replying to.

Or, you can watch the original post and see if anyone gives the answer
there, and see if it applies to you.

Or you can do a search and see if it's been discussed before, and resolved.

Gary VanderMolen

The same problem as what?
You need to quote whatever it is you are referring to.
Sorry, we can't read your mind.

Gary VanderMolen

in message news:[email protected]...


I have your problem and then some. I can see the pdf preview in the details
pane, but not in the preview pane.

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