Corruption of Images on Thumbnail View


Kinu Panda

Recently, I have ended up with damaged and/or destroyed JPEG images
due to the thumbnail icon feature and/or Photo Gallery. The condition
can be created as follows:

1. Browse to a folder containing JPEG images.
2. Do nothing... as Vista generates the thumbnails, it struggles, and
only "half" of it is created (see below).
3. When the image is opened, it is corrupted.

My understanding is that generating a thumbnail should not alter the
original image in anyway. However, a thumbnail that was generated fine
once before for an image that was fine once before...

.... yields something like this, which was formerly a perfect picture
of my wiener dog's nose:

Not sure why this is happening. I've run all sorts of hard drive
diagnostics (even though this problem affects files I view on flash
drives etc. also), virus/spyware scanners (everything clean), and yet
nothing has been found to explain this phenomenon.

At the moment I have disabled thumbnail icons in Folder Settings, and
have not had another JPEG look like this when opened. The images that
have been destroyed are, unfortunately, unrecoverable using the JPEG
repair utilities I have tried.

Has anyone seen anything similar? Any other suggestions on what I can
run? I never had this problem prior to upgrading to Vista, and am
concerned that this might lead me to "roll back". Also, if anyone can
find a JPEG utility to repair the picture of my dog in the above
picture, I would welcome advice to that end. Thanks in advance.

--Kinu Panda

JP Levasseur

We need more info,wich vista how many meg of ram what kind of computer since
four years I am working on vista I didi not see this problem.Bye JP

Kinu Panda

I am using Vista Home Premium, based on a clean install (had to wipe
XP first, unfortunately), with all updates installed. The box is
homemade, 3 HDs (not RAIDed), 2 GB RAM. Hardware seems to check out OK
using diagnostics (HD manufacturers'/third-party on-boot diagnostic
utilities, MemTest86+, etc.). I'm scanning using AVG Free and checking
for spyware using Ad-Aware Free. The only firewall I'm using is the
Windows Firewall.

Thanks again.


JP Levasseur

Lesson nunber1 when we download photos from usb or camera we should always
double check if the photos have finish download ok.You didn't tell us the
photos where alright on you computer before? If this photo was ok before
you can always your Shadow copies to do this: start/pictures/right click on
the folder where is your photo/click properties/previous Versions /you
should see a bunch of date so you should click on the date to look for a
good picture if it was download ok.

Kinu Panda

Actually, I did indicate that the files were copied correctly. Trust
me, these photos were all right on the computer previously, as many of
these photos existed months and/or years ago on one of the other hard
drives. However, viewing photos directly on external/USB drives (e.g.,
by viewing the contents of the SD card of my camera) creates the same

Also, as indicated, I am running Vista Home, which includes the VSS
service, but does not provide Shadow Copying as an inherent
functionality; hence Previous Versions are not available directly
through the OS. Attempting to use a third party tool (ShadowExplorer)
to access the snapshots has also failed to yield usable old versions
of the images, unfortunately.

Turning off thumbnails has yielded some sort of stability.



I have found the same problem.

Saved images from my digital camera have been altered and fractured to a
point that they cannot uploaded to any program using windows explorer to

Windows Explorer has corrupted almost all my digital photos.

If I use Canon Digital Photo Professional up upload the images the images
seem to be fine.

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