Vista is hazardous for your health!


kirk jim

Vista is hazardous for your health!

Vista has a long list of terrible health related problems:

1) Epileptic seizures due to motion desktop and transparent windows.
This new "feature" called motion desktop, of vista makes your desktop
I would call this motion sickness! it better describes it!
Many people cannot handle this information moving around all the time,
and throws their brains into an "electrochemical storm".
Remember the Japanese cartoons that were BANNED because of the frame rate?
Also the fact that you see through windows makes the information reaching
your brain all garbled up,
and its harder for you to concentrate on your actual work. People who have
mild autism can
tell you that vista is a nightmare for them. I am sure they would revert to
classic at once...

2) Bad eyesight A: If you still have a CRT then you may have noticed that
even with cleartype off the new vista fonts look terrible and blurry.
These are optimized for LCD screens and was a very bad choice of MS as
default Fonts.
YES MS didn't care about the millions of people who still have CRT's...
I wont get into Office2007 ribbon... because its not vista.. but that too is
horrid for the screen space the ribbon takes.
"new screens have higher resolutions" is their excuse.. hey busters.. what
if you cant see very well and you need low res?
I mean these are basic blunders. Tar and feathers for the creators of the
ribbon! Wrap that ribbon arround their neck and pull tight I tell you!

3) Bad eyesight B: Black is the worse possible color for a GUI. The fact
that vista
chose it, is a hilarious.. but its really not funny if you think of how bad
it will do the eyesight!
High contrasts between the various elements on the screen, like white
application windows of web pages
and the surrounding black taskbars are very dangerous for your eyes.
That's why windows had GRAY for the GUI originally. I guess you can sue MS
for a few millions over this...
I am sure that they will rethink their next theme better.
The screens reflect light from the windows, what do you see on your black
GUI? Reflections of your environment!

Guys that's why people who know how to make GUI's (graphical user
interfaces) NEVER EVER chose black!!!
Vista blundered once again!
You may then need to turn the brightness and contrast up... and that strains
your eyes more... what a mess!
Or WORSE? You want to close the lights and windows so that you can see your
black GUI without reflections.

Guess what happens when you dont see enough light durring the day? Insomnia
(you cannot sleep durrung the night)
depression and lots more!!! People NEED light to be healthy! Done believe
me? Ask people who live close to the north poles
that have 6 months of darkness! They need light therapy to counteract the

4) RSI repetitive strain injury
UAC! Do I need to say anything more? Pressing UAC 1000 times a day wont help
your RSI problem, it will destroy your poor hand!
Also the stupid new START MENU makes it far harder for you to find an
application when you have many installed,
forcing you to.. get this.. TYPE the name of the application in order to
find it! This means more strain,
since you will have to move your arms from the mouse to the keyboard and
back all the time.
A few times a day wont hurt.. but do that 1000 times a day and then it
becomes RSI... repetitive .. get it?
I guess you can sue MS for this too..
a few million will be enough to pay for your RSI recovery in Hawaii.

5) Depression: Vista has it all, frustration because nothing works as it
should, slow speeds testing your nerves, economic strain due to its high
price and need for new hardware, a black gloomy theme that makes you feel
you are in hell (compared to the happy Luna theme of XP).
I would gladly condemn the creators of vista to an eternity of hell using
the monstrosity they made!

6) Alzheimer's acceleration. The fact that Vista did such a blundering
mistake rearranging menus and options with no apparent reason,
actually HIDING important menus (see ie7 and wmp11 and windows explorer)
strains your memory because you keep trying to remember HOW to do
simple tasks you did with ease. After a few hours using vista you feel
tiered and strained and you dont know why.. WELL THIS IS WHY!
And how about all the nice sidebar tasks XP had that gave you many helpfull
options? Nope vista removed them too.. anything to make it
more hard to use! User friendly NOT!

7) Insomnia... hearing your hard disk rattle all the time during the night
sure wont help you sleep at all!
The added services that NEVER STOP, like the horrid indexing and automatic
defrag, and window defender scans, ensures that your hard disks
will never be at ease, causing NOISE even at night, when at the same time a
XP machine is very quiet.
I don't blame you if you want to throw that vista machine out of the
window.. BUT DON'T! install XP on it.. and you will be happy again.

8) Neuron collapse. It is true that if you use vista you are getting less
intelligent. If you actually LIKE vista you are a total dunce!

9) add your own, I am sure you can find plenty more vista health problems...
vista is badly designed... in every aspect!


If it wasn't for nut cases like you there would be nothing to read in this
news group.

kirk jim

Although this post was mostly humorous, you can see that some of the points
make are valid and true...
Some (not all) are indeed based on real problems... but of course the way I
wrote the post
doesn't give it much credibility... :)

Pick the ones that may seem true, think about them, and laugh at the rest


Well you can shut off, change, or disable everything you talk about so the
health risk is 0%


Gary said:
If it wasn't for nut cases like you there would be nothing to read in this
news group.

Must admit, I likewise read it for a spot of light relief after a
frustrating spell of php coding. ;-)

Nevertheless he does have a point in that I completely fail to see what
benefit there is in Vista.


This is a Vista news group, thanks, and he has the right to free speech,
even if we disagree with what he's saaying.


kirk jim

hello friends... I have posted this on both newsgroups. why?
For XP users to realize how very well designed XP is.

and for Vista users so they can see what they have lost in the name of


I used XP and now Vista. I disagree with your assessment that users loose
something in Vista, at least to the extent that you imply, because of which
one should not go to Vista. Vista is a good OS. I will not go back to XP,
and this is on older hardware, almost 5 years old.

Kurt Herman

Mainly, its not Linux. :)

Thank you, I'm here all week....enjoy the veal!

But seriously folks. I like everything about it. Has some ragged edges, but
nothing I haven't already worked around, just like XP. Took me months to get
that set up the way I like it.



Mainly, its not Linux. :)

Thank you, I'm here all week....enjoy the veal!

But seriously folks. I like everything about it. Has some ragged edges,
but nothing I haven't already worked around, just like XP. Took me
months to get that set up the way I like it.


Rhetoric aside, I wondered about the opinion of someone who is enthused
about Vista, especially with regard to Microsofts ability to disable your
system remotely should DRM change, among other things. It's apparent that
if only a third of the articles, postings and technical writings about
Vista are true, then Microsoft has some serious problems with this
release, unlike anything seen when XP was introduced. I also see approval
ratings for Microsoft dropping rapidly as more people discover the
potential of the EULA. I'm glad your move to Vista went without incident.
Good luck with that.


JTJersey said:
I never deal in FUD, only facts. I'm just watching to see where all this
is going. Enjoy.

Are you joking, or do you really not know.

This is going NOWHERE :)


Lang Murphy

Well, I plonked that dope so there won't be any more humorous posts from me
related to his posts. But always glad to generate a laugh; especially at a
troll's expense.


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