Vista Boot Problem


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Problem: I get a blue-screen-of-death during Windows bootup. I get a
Launch Restart option that takes me to a screen "Windows Boot Manager"
and that the Windows Installation disc should be used and the computer
restarted with a "Repair Your Computer" option used.

Next Problem: I left my recovery disks on the other side of the planet,
and it may take as long as two weeks to get to me.

Another Problem: I can't wait for my computer to be usable in 2-3 weeks.

How Problem Might Have Started: I was in the middle of a CHKDSK utility
run, and it was taking hours and I had to shutdown the computer in the
middle of it. The system re-started, but it kept saying C:\$SECURE was
unreadable for many EXE files that were run. When I re-started the
computer after selecting CHKDSK to run again, I saw the problem above.

Lesson: never interrupt CHKDSK in the middle of its run!

Question: How can I get this to run without having the recovery disks
in hand? Won't the recovery of the system wipe all my disks clean?
Should I use a live CD system to recover my data first? I have backups
of limited amounts of my data (through 2GB Mozy), but I am not sure that
I trust them right now.






you mentioned

is this legit because i can not find it on microsoft's website.

i ask because i am having problems of my own (vistahome premium)
i don't really need to go in to details because it really just a generalproblembut i can't fix it my self with outvista'sversion of the "recovery

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If you have an license copy of Windows which you purchase ? Then there
nothing wrong with that .

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