vista 32 bit and ipod touch



am running vista 32 bit operating system with no service pack 2. my ipod will
not sync with itunes i get message: ''This iPod cannot be used because the
required software is not installed. Run the ITunes installer to remove
iTunes, then install iTunes again''. I have done this repeatedly deleting
with itunes uninstaller, then anything apple related in program files and
temp files then reinstalling. was told by a ipod help person i needed service
pack 2. it says on microsoft downloads it is only compatible with windows xp.
is this compatible with vista? if not is there an alternative?


many thanks for your help andre. it is greatly appreciated. the download
didnt work. the message says ''The update does not apply to your system''
even though i am downloading the option for 32-bit. i assume it is for vista
home premium? is there another download i can try?



After uninstalling the iTunes software, did you restart your computer?

Try doing that and then installing iTunes. You are using the most
recent version of iTunes?

The Microsoft compatibility update probably is giving you that
message because the update is already installed.

Go here and follow the directions exactly
click Remove iTunes;


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