Viewing E-Mail Strings



I have many messages that i send, answered back by the receiver, send back to
the receiver, and so on. I would like to be able to sort my inbox by these
strings so I can print out the final e-mail that contains all the back and
forths but also be able to delete out all the prior ones that already are
contained in the final e-mail. I also keep track of e-mail receipts and
reads and would also like to see those in the time line if possible. I
receive many e-mails that contain the same subject line but are different
conversations so sorting by that field is not useful. I'm on Outlook 2007.

Roady [MVP]

A mailbox wide search based on the subject and sender/receiver addresses
involved should filter it for the most part. You can then make your
selection of what to keep or not.

FWIW: Outlook 2010 can simplify and automate this with Conversation View.

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