identifying which E-mail address an E-mail is sent to



In Microsoft Outlook, I have several E-mail accounts. I receive 100's of
E-mails every week. Some come into my Inbox without any address listed in
the TO field. In those cases, how do I know which E-mail address is being
used to send for each of these E-mails?

Specifically, for example, I have three specific E-mail addresses, all
configured for Microsoft Outlook 2007, all from the same ISP with the same @
suffix, that I will call here E-mail 1, E-mail 2, and E-mail 3. Now when a
user sends me an E-mail to the E-mail 1 address, and I see that address in
the TO Field of the E-mail, it will also appear in the "Messege Options"
Properties Box. However, when a user, instead, send me an E-mail using the
BBC Field, the address neither appears in the TO Field of the E-mail, nor in
the "Messege Options" Properties Box of the same. So for this kind of latter
E-mail, how do I distinguish which E-mail the sender used to send it to my MS
Outlook Inbox (other than creating a folder with a rule)? Thank you.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Do you use a different login to download mail sent to each address? i.e.,
are you using 3 separate mailboxes or a catchall account?

If you are using a catchall, it will be impossible to know who it was sent
to when the message is sent BCC. if each account has its own mailbox, you
can use automatic formatting in the view to highlight messages from the
accts or use rules to assign categories.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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