Video capture device not detected



I want to capture analog video from a VCR.

I have Windows Movie Maker open. I have a RCA video and audio cable plugged
in to the VCR. The cable has a specialty AV plug (3 rings on the single
connector) at the other end. The VCR is on and toggled to VCR.

I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2(D) card w/Dolby 5.1, and IEEE 1394
capability. The IEEE 1394 port has previously worked for capturing digital
video from a camcorder. I have verified that the "WMD Video for windows
Capture Driver (WIN 32)" is present and working.

I have plugged the cable's specialty AV plug end into the yellow port on the
Sound blaster card. Is this the correct port? The ports from right to left
are orange, blue, pink, green, black, yellow, IEEE six prong. I have tried
all of the colored ports without success.

When I click "Capture from video device" in Windows Movie Maker, I get " A
video capture device was not detected. Verify a device is turned on and
connected properly, and then try again."

I also have avilable a RCA cable with yellow, red, white on both ends, but
the sound blaster card will not accept RCA plugs.

How can I get the Windows Movie Maker Video Capture Wizard to open without
getting the "capture device not detected" message?


Not sure I understand what your doing. You cannot just hook some wires up to
an audio card or a IEEE 1394 input from a VCR and capture video.
Furthermore, trying a connector designed for a different input into any port
(audio card or whatever) is not a good idea. It has the potential; of
causing damage.

You need some type of a Video capture device to capture the Video from the
VCR to import it into Moviemaker
Please take a look here for some information


Plus the audigy card is a sound card and would not capture any type of video
signal, except via the firewire.

I also have the Audigy card with the firewire input. Have not done so
in awhile, but I was able to plug my Sony Hi8 camcorder into this port
and use the Pinnacle Studio software to capture the output from the
camcorder and edit the product into a movie.
at your service

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