Video Capture problem after SP2



Currently I am unable to capture video using Windows Movie Maker or MGI
Videowave 4. If I restore my computer prior to installing SP2 the video
capture in Movie Maker works fine.

I am able to control the camcorder from Movie Maker and begin the video
capture process, after finishing that process I get the following error
message: "The video was not captured correctly. Verify that your video
camera and capture device are configured properly"

My system is configured with a Texas Insturments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394
Host Controller and the Imaging Device displays as a Samsung DV Camcorder

Also, after connecting the Wirewire cable to the camcorder "What action do I
want to perform" message is displayed.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated


SP2 blocks certain drivers which MS has decided may pose some
security/stability risk. So it might be due to that. See if samsung has
provided any update drivers or info about this issue.

Another remote possibility might be your DirectShow DLLs getting mapped
incorrectly. To eliminate this possibility re-register the qdv.dll which is
used for dv avi capture/encoding. Execute the following line on Start > Run

regsvr32 %windir%\system32\qdv.dll

if that doesnt work then try re-installing (on top of current installation)

Graphics card drivers
DirectX runtime (full download)
Windows Media Encoder


I tried the following with the same undesireable results.
Do you or anyone else have any other suggestions

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