VHS Capture



How do I capture my video recordings from my video cassette recorder? I have
tried WMM and Pinnacle without success. Using RoxioEasy Media Creator I can
stream the footage on my computer monitor but when I press 'Start Capture',
the message 'failed to capture ' is immediately displayed.

Kenneth J. Harris

Which Pinnacle software are you using, and what kind of capture
device(internal card, external box)? I have transferred a few vhs tapes
successfully using Pinnacle Studio 9 and a Pinnacle internal capture
card. I connected the vcr's output(RCA jacks) to the capure card's
matching inputs and followed the directions for capturing. Worked
without problems. I also have Easy Media Creator and I see that it
recognizes my capture device but I've never tried using it to transfer
from a vcr.


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