Problem capturing from VCR




I want to capture and edit home movie footage in Windows Movie Maker from
old VHS tapes.

When I try to capture from my VCR, I get an error message telling me that
the capture device (a Hauppauge Win TV card) is in use (probably by Windows
Media Center)

I have tried disabling the relevant Media Center services, but WMM still
tells me the device is in use.

Can anyone help?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Windows Media Center only accepts video from one single source, ie an
antenna, a satellite box, a cable box or a VCR.

To capture your VCR tapes, you are going to have to go into the TV Tuner
settings of MCE and reset it to look for the VCR signal.


Thanx Cari

I can record video in WMC, but that file (DVR-MS) can't be imported into
WMM, and so I cant edit it.

I really want to capture it straight into WMM as I would with a digital
video camera...

Any further suggestions?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

That's not possible.

Roxio 8 and Nero 7 and PowerDirector can edit DVR-MS files.

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