VHS to PowerDirector Connection



I am trying to capture video from a VHS to my computer. But, my computer is
not detecting that anything is connected. What's wrong with my connection?
What am I doing wrong? (New to the process.)

I am using/have...

PowerDirector 4 software
S video cable
Windows XP
Legacy Video Capture Card
Dell Inspiron 6000
DVD/CD ROM Burner (NEC DVD + - RW ND-6650A)
Intel Celeron Processor
1.4 GHz
504 MB of Ram

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Does the Device Manager suggest the Legacy Video Capture Card is correctly
install and has the correct drivers?

Have you told Power Director where the source is the incoming analog video


The Device Manager says that Legacy is correctly installed.

Power Director4 has a "Capture" button where (once pushed) it auto detects
what devices are connected. Currently, it is not detecting that I have the S
video cable is connected. I have checked that all cords have power and are
plugged in all the way.

I am just concerned that I have either the wrong cords or I need different
equipment. Could this be what is wrong? What else could it be?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

What kind of cable connects the VCR to the Capture card..... ? Is this an
S-Video VCR? The VCR is turned on?


I am using s-video cable (I hope I'm saying that right). The VCR is older
and doesn't have s-video plugs, but I have an adapter on one end of the
s-video cable. So, I can plug it into the VCR using plain red/white cables,
but on the other end is s-video hooked up to the computer. VCR turned on? -
yes. It might be that the VCR is so old that I need to use a different one.

Thanks for all your help, Cari! I appreciate it.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Red and white are the audio cables... the video part is usually the yellow

The red and white in the VCR need to go to a mini jack which will go to the
line in on your sound card.

The yellow cable will go to the yellow socket on the VCR.. and the other end
will connect to your S-Video adapter which will go to your capture device.

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