Version 2003- Media Content CD



I used to run PPT version 2002 that came with a media content CD that could
be loaded to the PC and that enabled Clip Art to be utilized. Now I haev
version 2003 that I bought off the Internet but it did not come with a
content CD. The 2002 version is still loaded in the computer(media content
not ppt) but now I have to have the CD in the drive in order to access the
clip art. I can't find anywhere that I can get a media content CD for 2003,
so it is a pain to use clip art because I have to install the CD everytime. I
would like to be able to get a 2003 media content CD, does anyone know where
I might find one?



Echo S

Office 2003 came with very little clipart. You can install what is there by
selecting "run from hard drive" for the clipart from a custom install.

The bulk of Office 2003's clipart is online. If you have an internet
connection, the clip art task pane in the Office programs will look for
clips online by default.

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