Linked Video - unable to change path of media clips




this is raly a carry on from s previous post except now I have a clearer
understanding ofthe problem so think a fresh post is called for.

I use PP 2003 to create a presentation which incorporates pictures butalso
shortvideo clips using media player. When the file is added to a slide as a
Windows Media player item it is fine and the presentation works well.

However, if, for instance, you move the presentation to another machine,
even taking everything in the same folder, the location of the media clip can
have a different path. It is possible to edit the path of the media clip by
looking at the properties of the slide containing the video but, no matter
whether you then click on apply or ok the new path is not saved, only applied
for the "current run", as soon as the program is closed and reopened, the
path reverts to the original. The only resolution id to then remove the media
clip and reinsert it from the new path.

For just moving the presentation between machines a resolution was to make
sure all media clips are only ever located on the root of C, then the path
always remains the same.

The major problem is that this behaviour does not allow you to take the
presentation to CD as the path will always be incorrect. It is not possible
ot change the path before burning the CD as above the newpath does not save.

It is not possible to change the path after transferring to CD as it is not
editable once burned.

It is not possible to use "pack for CD" as it is documented that Powerpoint
Viewer will not work with Windows Media Player links.

So ,stalemate! All I want to do is have a presentation containing slides,
pictures and a few video clips and then to be able to put this to CD/DVD to
distribute to people who cannot attend the presentation. Maybe I am going
about this the wrong way?

Any suggestions much apprecited.

thank you




Lucy Thomson

Have you tried package for CD without including the viewer? You can find a
tickbox if you click on the options button in the package for cd dialogue.


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