Video Does Not Play Automatically



I've created a presentation using PowerPoint 2007. I have four mpg files
inserted into the presentation that are set to start automatically. When I
view the slide show, the following happens: advance to slide with video,
video does not play, return to previous slide, advance again to slide with
video, video plays.

I've checked the following: videos play in Media Player; file path is not
too long; videos are saved in same folder as presentation; problem is not
with hardware acceleration.

Any thoughts? I hate to ask my boss to advance, back up, and advance again
just to get these videos to play.


Lucy Thomson


How large are the videos? Sometimes it takes PowerPoint a while to load a
big video. Try running the presentation through once, don't close
PowerPoint, then run it 'for real' - do the vids play automatically then?


PS Just so you know, PowerPoint doesn't use Media Player to play videos - it
uses the mci player.



The videos range in size from 18 MB to 75 MB. I also thought that it might
be an issue with the video loading, but no matter how long you wait, the
videos do not play the first time through. I've already instructed the
presenter to run the show in same manner that you suggest below, as the
videos play automatically the second time through.

Exactly how small does a video file have to be to start automatically?

Thank you,


Lucy Thomson

It doesn't look like a video size problem then. What happens if you have
them start on next click (as part of click sequence rather than as a
trigger)? It isn't automatically, but it's better than going back & then
forward again...


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor

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