How load ALL clipart?



Am using MSOfficeXP (2002), on a farily new Dell PC, plenty of drive space.
Is it possible to load all the clipart on the CD? Do most people (or do
you) load it, or use the CD when needed? Will loading it solve this

When I go to insert clipart, let's say I search on the term "banana", it
brings up pictures, but some picture require the MS Office CD to be inserted
to be able to drag it into the presentation. Can I skip the CD by
pre-loading all the clip art? Any idea how many GB that would take?

How would I load it?... The help menu said use Add/Remove. I went there and
found "MS XP Media Content". Apparently some part of it is already loaded
since it exists and the two options are "change" and "remove". But when you
click "change", it has the below, and I'm unsure what to do next:

Media Content
-----Run From My Computer
-----[] Run all from My Computer
-----Run from CD
-----[] Run all from CD

The [] above represents a small symbol on the PC that in realtiy looks like
two squares stacked up. Anyone know what these mean?




Echo S

You want to select Run All from my computer. I suspect the "stacked squares"
are the main clips and then the rest of the clips in a subfolder. You should
be able to just select Run All From My Computer on the top level.

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