VB.NET 2005 and Crystal Reports

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Michel Vanderbeke


I want to create Crystel Reports using Crystal Reports XI Release 2 and
store the reports as individual files on my PC.
My database is a *.mdf (SQL Server database file).

1. Which connection method should I use when creating Crystal Reports in CR
XI r2?
2. Can someone provide me with hints on how to show the reports throug
VB.NET code in my application?
3. Later on, I intend to use a real SQL Server and no longer a SQL Server
database file. Will there be (many) changes to perform? Is there a big
difference between adressing a *.mdf file and an actual SQL Server?

Many thanks and greetings from Brugge (Bruges - Belgium),



Queries replied:-

1) Use Access/Excel DAO from create new connection.
2) Use the CR viewer for this. Use this class and u will have all the properies for performing the action.
3) If ur core SQL remains same then u will have to open the report Create connection now based on OLE Db ADO and paste the SQL in the respective command.



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