Vb.net 2008 Crystal Reports - Boolean parameter field issue


Rob W


Apologies posting this here but thought someone might use crystal reports as
the Microsoft public forum is
virtually empty.

Within my vb.net application I have viewed a crystal report and
programmatically added a sort selection based on the selection of ONE radio

This selected all the database records (member details), then using a
checkbox I wanted a flag to determine if the member was deceased or not.

I created a parameter field as type Boolean and then added the following to
the record selection -> formula -> {Members.cDeceased} = {?paramDeceased}

When testing within the vb.net crystal report layout manager and using the
preview it ONLY retrieves rows when the parameter value is FALSE.

If I remove the selection formula i.e. the where clause ALL rows are
retrieved where deceased is TRUE and FALSE.

Note: I did notice when showing SQL query the Boolean values are 0 and 1
whereas if I displayed the integer value of the checkbox in my vb.net
application it is 0 and -1.

Why can't I retrieve records when the value of deceased is TRUE as 100%
positive records exists (as per test above and viewing the data)?



Rob W

What I find odd is if I change the selection formula to {Members.cDeceased}
= FALSE it retrieves rows, if I set it to {Members.cDeceased} <> FALSE it
retrieves rows but not if I set it to {Members.cDeceased} = TRUE ....
hmmm... confused.com

Rob W

So confused, tried everything.

The access database I connect to has a yes/no field for the deceased column.
Upon querying in Access where deceased = true it retrieves the row.

I can see in Crystal reports the values printed i.e. true or false when
there is no selection criteria, and ONLY the false ones when changing the
criteria to {Members.deceased} = false when I do {Members.cDeceased} = True
... NOTHING, no rows ...

Arghhh they exist I can see them on the report, with the value true.

Even tried creating a new report, again same issue.

I've even on trial and error had it display just true results but when I
refresh or run again its goes blank again, no rows found.

All of this is through the crystal report layout manager and NOT through
vb.net code.

Slowly going insane ...............

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