Printing Crystal Report in VB.NET Takes long time


John Smith

Hello, I have 7 different crystal reports that need to be collated.
Since I want to end up with a page of each (which all together make a
single report), I created a blank main report and then added the 7 as
subreports so they can print one after the other. I'm supposed to be
printing them from a VB.Net 2003 application and I will be passing 2
parameters (start and end dates). These reports are huge (over 1000+
pages each).

My original reports are very complicated, but when I preview the main
report in Crystal reports, I am able to see them they way they should
print. They preview quite fast.

However, when I try to print them in Crystal, it takes forever to start
printing. It looks like Crystal is generating (spooling) the whole
main report before printing it.

Fortunately, I was able to cheat Crystal by selecting the "print
directly to the printer" option in the printer properties instead of
the "Spool print documents so program can finishing printer faster."
When I do so, the pages are printing as soon as they're processed. I
was pretty much content with it.

Nevertheless, when I tried to print this main report from my VB.NET
application, it also feels like it's generating the complete report
first before start printing pages. The printer settings are still the
same (print directly to the printer) but I don't see any pages in the
printer queue, so nothing gets printed.

I'm using the
CR.PrintToPrinter(1, False, 0, 0)
method to print my Crystal reports from VB.NET.

Is there a way to make VB.NET to not spool the pages and start printing
as soon as the first page is done?

Thanks for all your help!


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