Deploying an Application with Crystal Reports Support



I have a VB.NET 2003 application which is using the built-in Crystal Reports
control for viewing an .RPT file. The .RPT files reside on the server, and
the data pulled by these reports is in a SQL Server database. On any client
PC, I can create an ODBC connection to the SQL Server database - and the DSN
name for this connection is what I reference in code when setting up a
user-selected report for viewing.

I have created a deployment project as part of the application, and included
all the Crystal Report merge module files (based on information from the
Business Objects Website). However, there are supposed to be some Crystal
Report files delivered to the client PC, contained in \Program Files\Common
Files\Crystal Decisions\1.0\Bin\ folder - and no files are being delivered.

Has anyone run into a similar situation, and could offer some advice on
where to look for problems?

- Thanks,


Ayaz Ahmed


I dont understand what is your question is your rpt file integrated with
dot net and whether you want to built rpt file as an imbedded resource
format in
because in VS.NET their is no need to integrate rpt files at the time of
the deployement because its is already imbedded in VS.NET



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