Using RIS for a Compaq M700 Laptop


Rob Fraser

I am trying to use RIS on a Compaq M700 laptop.

The image copies to the server correctly, using RIPREP but
when I copy the image down it starts to copy, but then
stops and presents the following message:

"The operating system image you selected does not contain
the necessary drivers for your network adapter. Try
selecting a different operating system image. If the
problem persists contact your system administrator."

However, I am trying to copy back to the same laptop the
image was created from.

I would be very grateful for any help.




Is it using the broadcom nic? If so, there is a post from
a few days ago (I think it's in this thread, or the XP
one) about how to get the drivers in the image. You will
need to edit the b57xp32.inf file...took us all morning to
figure that one out.

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