RIS Windows 2003 Server issue




Is there someone who knows how to solve the following issue;

I have installed RIS and configured it properly on one of the Servers in our
When i boot PXE with a client pc to do a image installation I get the
following warning......(see stated below)

The operating system image you selected does not contain the necessary
drivers for your network adapter. Try selecting a different operating system
image. If the problem persists, contact your administrator. Setup cannot
continue. Press any key to exit.

Your prompt response in this matter is highly appreciated!


Pieter Boorsma



Here's an essentially similar reply I posted in response to another question
just like yours in the WinXP Deployment group:
You want to get the latest BINLSVC (RIS) hotfix from Microsoft. With that,
getting Intel's NICs working with RIS becomes easy. It will also fix other
problems with Broadcom and other vendor's NICs and the INF files they use.

There are two phases in which RIS requires drivers - the first phase is
while PXE hands off driver support to normal XP drivers (before it does the
file copying phase, while still in text-mode) and the second is when there
are about 34 minutes left during the GUI install, when your NIC drivers are
installed during the heart of XP's setup routines.

Your problem is in phase one, so the $OEM$ directory bits, while important
for phase two, don't matter in phase one. You need MS's BINLSVC fix, and you
need to put the drivers and infs you need into the i386 directory, and
restart the binlsvc (Remote Install service).

1. Download the binlsvc fix from Microsoft (call the helpdesk, get the
hotfix, install it on the RIS server, reboot if prompted.)
2. Ensure in the image you're using (start with only one image to simplify
things!) that you have the e1000.sys and e1000.inf (or the other name for
those drivers - Intel names it oddly sometimes) in the i386 directory. Once
you restart binlsvc (or reboot the server) the INFs will be parsed and the
next client that runs should then "find" the e1000 NIC and it should then
'just work'. (Note: in the previous post, poster had a problem with E1000
NICs; replace this with whatever NIC you need drivers for...)
3. For the PnP phase of XP's setup (at 34 minutes remaining) do as the
previous poster suggested - make sure at the same level as the i386 directory
you have an
$OEM$ directory, and in there you'll need your NIC drivers (yes, another copy
of the NIC drivers.) Be sure to modify ristndrd.sif in \templates with the
OEMPNPDRIVERSPATH= statement (the web page goes into more details on that.)

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