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We have setup windows 2000 RIS server with service pack 3,
our requirement was to deploy windows 2000 professional
and office 2000 with Norton Antivirus Guard. All our
client pc’s are P4 with onboard PXE supported NIC

When we attempt to install Windows 2000 from a Pre-boot
Execution Environment (PXE) client and we select an image
created by Riprep that contains the proper network adapter
driver, Setup starts and we receive the following error

"The operating system image you selected does not contain
the necessary drivers for your network adapter. Try
selecting a different operating system image. If the
problem persists, contact your system administrator.

Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit."

So we used 3com network adapter (3C905C-TX) with RIS boot
floppy, then deployment was successful (onboard NIC didnt
answer even to ris boot floppy)

* I want to know why this problem occurs when using
onboard PXE NIC?

If there are any more information needed please contact me
on (e-mail address removed). Your early respond would be very
much appreciated.


NIC Student

You need to add the HPd220m drivers to the RIS installation:

During RIS Installation You Receive a "The Operating System Image You
Selected Does Not Contain the Necessary Drivers for Your Network Adapter"
Error Message Even Though the Drivers Are In the Selected Image

Error Message: The Operating System Image You Selected Does Not Contain the
Necessary Drivers...

How to Add Third-Party OEM Network Adapters to RIS Installations

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