Setting up a RIS server




I normally use a sysprep'ed Ghost image to deploy 2000 and XP around our
organisation whenever we purchase new computers. The problem we find with
this approach is that quite often our suppliers will send us a batch of
computers with different NICs and GFX cards to the last batch, so this
culminates in many images and keeping track can be quite difficult.

I have tried setting up a RIS server once before but to no avail. I am
positive the problem I had last time was with faulty PXE NICs (is it true you
have to have a PCE NIC for this to work by booting fromt he network?) but I
am looking forother ways for easy deployment. Is it possible to build a
common image for all computer builds (PCs only) and then have seperate RIS
images that include different applications for different departments etc? Are
there any considerations with SIDs etc?

I would be very grateful for any helpor guidance,just a few links to follow
would be nice!

Cheers in advance,





RIS does require a PXE NIC on every boot client - or the client must
have a NIC supported by the Remote Boot Floppy (see RBFG on your RIS
The same issues apply with RIS RIPrep images as with Sysprep - one
image per HAL. You shouldn't have to have a separate image just for
NIC or video changes.
No, there are no issues with SID's - RISetup is effectively the same
as a CD install - so works the same. RIPrep shares code with Sysprep -
so does the exact same work. Take a look on, there are
quite a few whitepapers on RIS.

5/12/2005 3:31:07 AM

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