User profiles and user accounts have different names?



I've created a new user account and I want to copy into it the user profile
from my other user account. Both have administrator priviledges. The two
accounts are named daadaa2 and jbclem. When I look in System/User Profiles
there are three profiles listed. Two are "account unknown" and the third is
computer name/daadaa2. No sign of the new jbclem account. I've rebooted
twice and rechecked but it's still the same.

And even though I've logged into the daadaa2 account, I'm allowed to "copy
to" from the user profile named daadaa2. I know that shouldn't be possible,
but the "copy to" isn't greyed out.

Looking into Control Panel/Users and Passwords, there are 4 users listed:
administrator, daadaa2, guest, jbclem.

What's wrong here, shouldn't the user profile be named after the user
account? What do I have wrong, and how can I fix this. What I'm trying to
do is copy all the daadaa2 desktop settings/icons/other
settings/configurations into the new user account named jbclem so to save
myself an hour of setup time. Am I taking the wrong approach to this?


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