Owner Account and User Profiles



The "Documents and Setting" folder on my PC contains folders for each of the
user accounts that I've set up (e.g., John Smith, Jane Smith), along with
several system created folders (e.g., Adminiustrator, Default User, All
Users, Guest).

However, there is one account folder -- labeled "Owner" -- that I did not

And when I checked my User Profiles [Right Click My
Computer|Properties|Advanced|User Profiles|Settings], all profiles are
accounted for except for one, which is labeled "Account Unknown".

My Questions:

1) Was the "Owner" folder" somehow created by or supplied with Windows XP,
and can it be safely deleted?

2) Was the "Account Unknown" profile created for this "Owner" account, and
can it too be safely deleted?

NOTE: "Owner" is not displayed as an account on the Windows XP (Home)
Welcome Screen, or on the "User Accounts" page [Control Panel|User Accounts].




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