How to restore my backup profile?



After some kind of profile corruption, Win2000 created a new default profile using the name (jbclem) of the profile that
was corrupted. I've discovered what looks like all my old profile information/files under the name of jbclem.bak, in
the same place as the other profiles (default, all users, jbclem) . I tried logging in using that name but it failed.

The only place I know to look, Control Panel/System/User Profiles, only shows one of these profiles (listed as
FREDS\jbclem. FREDS is the name of the computer). How can I restore jbclem.bak as a profile to see if it will work
(I've fixed a bad block on the hard drive and perhaps that was the reason for the initial corruption). Or, how can I
add a new profile and then copy the jbclem.bak files into it (System/User Profiles has a copy tab, but no way to add a
new profile)...

I am trying to google for the answers, but no luck so far and am spending a lot of time on this and trying to restore my
many email files/folders. If someone can help me speed up the process, I would be grateful.


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