user lost access security



I inherited a Access database which has user-level security, for which I have
little information. Also, I am by no means an expert on Access security.
The database exists on a network share. In the same share is a workgroup
file. Normally the user simple opens the database and does theri work.
Recently the user had a power failure while the database was open. After
power was restored, the user no longer has the same permission (they can open
the database, but only seem to have read permissions on tables, and can't run
the switchboard). I can join the workgroup and open the database with an
admin user name, and the user is in a group with full read/write permissions,
so I am guessing the something is wrong with their default workgroup file.
Anyone know how to reset their workgroup file so they can simple open the
database like they used to?

thanks --

Joan Wild

Since they used to just open the database (I'm assuming from Windows
Explorer?) and got in, they didn't have to supply a username/password? Or
did they?

If they did, then likely they were joined by default to the secure mdw (as
opposed to system.mdw that ships with Access). You need to go to their
computer and open Access and use Tools, security, workgroup administrator
and rejoin them to the secure mdw.

If they didn't, then security was set up wrong, or it was set up so that the
Users Group had the necessary permissions.

It's possible that the power failure has caused some corruption. With
everyone out the database, look in the network share. Ensure there are no
files with a ldb extension - if you see any delete them.
Post back with more specifics if this doesn't work.

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