Removing Admin Permissions from my database


Lord d'Artaignan

I have a database I created with a custom Workgroup Information File
MDW. I removed all permissions including the Open/Run permissions from
every object in the database, including it, itself to the Admin and
Users accounts. The database is on a server share and I have created
icons that point to the database and allow login using the custom MDW.
I have found that if someone opens the database using the MDB file, it
skirts my security and the user can make changes to the database. I do
not have the option of adding my MDW file to everyone's computer. Are
there any suggestions to making sure Admin or User cannot open my

Should I created another group, perhaps Administrators versus the
standard Admins group and apply "admin" permissions to it then remove
the Admins group altogether? Will this be a database change or the
workgroup information file change?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

**Note that when opening my database using the MDB file in Access 2007
it will not even allow the Admin account to access the database. This
is my ultimate goal for the Admin account when using Access 2000.

Experience Administering an Access 2000 database: Novice

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You cannot actually remove the admin user, but you can and should remove
their permissions after having created your own admin group. That said, it
disturbed me that your database is running from a server. Only the data,
backend should run from a server. The application (front-end) should run
from each workstation. Here is some information on that:

Splitting the database:

and here is some good information on best practices in security:

Security FAQ

Lynn Trapp's summarization:

KB articles:;en-us;q165009

Joan Wild's articles:

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