User Environment error


Steve T

On boot I get the following error message: "Windows cannot load the locally
stored profile. Insufficient security rights or a local corrupt file. Cannot
find local profile." Not verbatim but then it creates a temp profile and
logs me on. Not sure what to do. I have ERNDT on the machine and went back
to the 4-18-2009 registry backup but that did not help. Same result. XP Home
Edition. Thanks, Steve T.

Steve T

I got that but my desktop, quick launch, systray, etc. appear all from the
first install and run of XP. Steve T.

John John - MVP

How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in
Windows XP

Before you do this you should check to make sure that you have Full
Control on your old profile folder, the profile is likely corrupt but
this could be a simple permissions issue on your profile folder.


Steve T

This is the support document that I followed and got it all working,
including the e-mail and address book but the other stuff like my desktop
and all remain "empty". I can recreate it all, albeit slowly; but I thought
there was a setting that I had missed copying. Thanks, Steve T.

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